HRSG Design and Operation

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HRSG Design and Operation
Table of Contents

The course is primarily intended for O&M staff at all levels of experience working in combined cycle power plants, but should also be of interest to engineers and managers involved in new project development. The course gives attendees a comprehensive yet in-depth survey of a broad range of topics relating to the design, operation and maintenance of the HRSG and associated steam cycle systems.Drawing on our field experience working at power plants throughout the world, the objective is to provide attendees with clear instruction on the operator actions and design issues that impact HRSG reliability, efficiency and operating life.

Public courses are regularly held at both our European (France) and USA training facilities. Courses can also be delivered on-site and tailored to a client’s specific needs if required. Please contact your local Tetra training coordinator for further details (see website for details).

Seminar Syllabus

Introduction and Overview

  • Comparison of Different Boilers & Cycles
  • Materials Used in Boiler Construction

HRSG Design Basics

  • Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Review
  • Natural and Forced Circulation
  • Supplemental Firing
  • Basic Construction Details

HRSG Design Variations

  • Types of HRSG
  • Variations

Flow Path Descriptions

  • Waterside Flow Paths
  • Gas Side Flow Paths

Key Pressure Parts

  • Preheaters & Economizers
  • Evaporators
  • Superheaters, Reheaters
  • Drum and Deaerators
  • Drains, Vents
  • Power Piping

Other Components

  • Attemperators, Key Valves
  • Pipe Supports and Boiler Piping
  • SCRs CO Catalysts
  • Expansion Joints and Penetration Seals

Control and Instrumentation

  • Individual Tube Replacement/Plugging/Repair
  • Drum Level
  • Pressure and Temperature
  • Spray Systems
  • Drains
  • Emissions Control Systems
  • Panel Replacement (Single HARP or Selected HARPS)
  • Tube Module Replacement

Water & Steam Chemistry

  • Fundamentals
  • Treatment Programs
  • Steam Purity Requirements
  • Carryover

Operations and Maintenance

  • Operating Modes
  • Impact of Cycling
  • Standard Maintenance Activities
  • Boiler Preservation
  • Inspection Practice
  • Performance Tracking
  • Life Assessment
  • Damage & Degradation Mechanisms

Case Histories

  • Inspections
  • Failure Analyses
  • Design Modifications

This Course is Offered in a Full 2 Day Version and a 1 Day Condensed Version.

Contact Tetra Engineering further details.

Courses are hosted worldwide. Courses can be delivered on-site and tailored to a client’s specific needs if required.

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