On-Site Services

A range of inspection and field-support services for HRSG & steam-cycle equipment.

Engineering & Analysis

Assessment of failures, performance, remaining life, fitness-for-service and design modifications.


Including 3rd Party Engineers, Warranty Resolution, Expert Witness, and Due Diligence Assessment.


Highly-focused engineering courses based on the expertise gained by working on HRSGs and traditional boilers worldwide.

Tetra Engineering is an independent engineering consultancy providing specialized services for power and process plants that operate heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and conventional radiant boilers. The focus of our activities is on improving plant operating life, reliability and thermal performance.

Founded in 1988, Tetra Engineering has offices in the United States, Europe and the Middle East and our client base has grown to over 200 power plant sites on five continents.

Our main strength is our ability to draw on the large body of experience and expertise gained from field work performed throughout the world, with inspections and failure analyses on practically every type of HRSG or boiler, and power piping.

This experience can be applied to improving the operation of existing units or in the development of new plant projects.

Tetra Engineering does not offer boiler repair services or supply hardware, assuring that our advice is always independent and objective.

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About Us

Established in 1988, Tetra Engineering has more than 25 years experience providing solutions to the power industry. We specialize in solutions for HRSGs, conventional boilers & steam-cycle balance of plant.


Our Locations

Offices in: Connecticut, USA; Nice, France; Dubai, UAE.