Biomass and Waste to Energy


This training course is primarily intended for experienced O&M staff working in thermal power and process plants, but could also be of interest to corporate engineering and management staff. The objective is to give attendees a comprehensive view of the development, design and usage of Biomass and Waste Boilers. Course instructor is Prof. Bo Leckner from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden who has over 50 years' experience on the subject. Course length is 2 days. 

Course Syllabus

Gain a detailed understanding of the parameters affecting the design and features of Biomass and Municipal Waste Boilers. Learn how various fuels affect boiler capacity and operating life. The utilization of heat and electrical energy is covered as well as the impact of current environmental regulations in key markets. 

  • Introduction
  • Boiler Design
  • Properties of Fuels (Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass)
  • Fuel & Ash Handling
  • Conversion Methods
  • Energy Production and Efficiency (Waste-To-Energy)
  • Gasification
  • Applications (Power, Cogeneration, Process, Heat)
  • Regulations (EU Commission)
  • Energy System Aspects

About the instructor: Prof. Leckner has been a researcher within the field of thermal energy conversion with application to boilers and gasifiers, especially fluidized bed for over 50 years. He has published over 460 papers .  

For more information about this course please contact Christine Vallon, or call our European office at +33 4 92 96 92 54. Tetra offers courses on client site or as per our public course schedule

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