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A range of inspection and field-support services for HRSG & steam-cycle equipment.

Engineering & Analysis

Assessment of failures, performance, remaining life, fitness-for-service and design modifications.


Including 3rd Party Engineers, Warranty Resolution, Expert Witness, and Due Diligence Assessment.


Highly-focused engineering courses based on the expertise gained by working on HRSGs and traditional boilers worldwide.

The sudden rupture of the main steam outlet pipe at one of the HRSGs providing steam to the steam turbine was reported to have seriously damaged piping upstream and downstream.  Luckily no injuries were reported.  The fracture occurred suddenly (no leak seen prior) at the weld between P91 pipe and Stainless Steel Flow Meter.  The rupture was brittle and clean occurring at the interface between the Inconel weld and the P91 pipe.  Dissimilar Metal Weld failures for these materials are not uncommon, especially in a cycling regime.


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Established in 1988, Tetra Engineering has more than 25 years experience providing solutions to the power industry. We specialize in solutions for HRSGs, conventional boilers & steam-cycle balance of plant.


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