Boiler Process Modelling and Simulation

Boiler HRSG gas-path CFD study

Tetra Engineering provides a full-scope service for the modelling and operation analysis of all types of natural or forced circulation Power Boiler and HRSGs, including supercritical and once-through designs.  This can be integrated into a full plant model to incorporate the steam turbine and steam cycle balance of plant.

The level of detail can be adapted to focus on local effects (e.g. row-to-row temperature differences) and can be steady-state or time-dependent, the latter to model transients such as startups.  The state-of-the-art Power Plant Simulator and Designer™ (PPSD) software package developed by KED software is the primary tool for this work.  Frequent applications at Tetra Engineering include:

  • Calculating steam cycle efficiency (heat balance) according to ASME PTC or other codes
  • Determining natural circulation rates in support of FAC risk assessment
  • Generating metal temperature profiles for inputs to finite-element stress calculation
  • Assessing the impact of design changes or modification to original plant operating regime


HRSG Operation or Design Modification Assessment

Get a realistic estimate of performance whether simulating the impact of a new interstage attemporator or modelling the boiler response to GT low-load operation. Tetra Engineering can provide the key information you need before making your decision. 

Tetra takes this analysis one step further by assessing the dynamic response of the boiler to these changes, or to other changes in the process stream outside the boiler.

Performance Assessment

After years of operation, a boiler or HRSG will take a performance hit.  Gas-side and waterside fouling can reduce performance in minor cases but in severe cases cause serious problems. Simulation can be used to hunt down areas of the boiler that are performing poorly.

A boiler or HRSG does not always perform the way it was designed, and is rarely operating at design, ambient conditions, making comparison difficult. ASME PTC 4.4 (or 4.1) provides the industry-standard methods for comparing actual and design performance.  Most often this is required during commissioning when clean boiler conditions differ from design conditions.


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Established in 1989, Tetra Engineering has more than 25 years experience providing solutions to the power industry. We specialize in solutions for HRSGs, conventional boilers & steam-cycle balance of plant.


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